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Off the Comma

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You’re stuck! ​I get it! I’ve been there too. 


I call it “sitting on a comma™.”


Something in your life is on pause and you’re not sure how to get moving again. You’re having difficulty unlocking the answers on your own. 


I can help you get unstuck from whatever is holding you back in important parts of your life: your career, relationships, identity, personal goals or new endeavors! Let me be your mirror.


Let’s talk about how working with me can challenge your thinking and reveal new options. I can help you find the clarity to get yourself off the comma, to create motion, vision and results in your life.


If you or someone you know is sitting on a comma, contact me today. 


It’s your journey and I know it can be amazing! 

Off the Comma is built to empower individuals, teams and organizations to see possibilities and create the outcomes they want for themselves. When change is wanted and needed, I help you declutter in work, life and space. 

About Paul Briley, ACC, CPTD, MBA:


I leverage my 25+ years of experience in learning, leadership, consulting and coaching to help you bring your vision to life. My career was built on consultative thought leadership focused on creating impact on people, culture and results.


Throughout my career, I have helped people get moving. I'm known for helping people assess their current state, define goals and outcomes, then build plans and move to action. My consultative approach helps build custom solutions and services based on your unique needs and experiences.

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When the pandemic and racial reckonings happened in 2020, I found myself sitting on a comma (along with the rest of the world). Through observation, asking questions, listening and challenging, my horizons expanded and my values shifted. By 2021, I realized that getting myself off the comma meant helping others do the same. Off the Comma™ was born.

While doing my own inner work, I also decided to end my relationship with alcohol in 2021. Now that I'm alcohol free (AF), I offer support to people who are sober curious and looking to change their own relationship with alcohol. Being alcohol free is an important part of achieving the clarity you need to create the life you want. 


I build relationships based on a sense of purpose, action-orientation and having fun in the process. It’s all about helping you through your journey, while challenging you to tap into the wisdom you carry inside. 

Learn more about my background on LinkedIn. For all my sites and social media, click on the linktree icon.

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