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Training and Talent Development

Ideal Business Results

happen when you put people first

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Today's organizations of all sizes face an unprecedented SPEED OF CHANGE. Technology, diversification, workforce polarization and other variables impact the availability of SKILLED TALENT to fulfill  critical roles. Your organization depends on your PEOPLE being INCLUDED, ENGAGED and ENABLED to do their best work. 


Are you experiencing one or more of these challenges?

  - Workforce feedback and reshuffling

  - Industry consolidation and acquisitions

  - Business recovery and reconstruction

  - Vertical and horizontal integration

  - New business development and workforce growth

  - Brand evolution and culture change

  - Innovation and transformation at all levels


If you said "yes" to any of these, it is important to look at how you develop and engage your PEOPLE.

Off the Comma Consulting Can Help

Off the Comma partners with leaders to address critical business needs through TALENT DEVELOPMENT and ENGAGEMENT. We specialize in the hard part, the problem-solving process. Together, we take your big problems, blow them up, then boil them down into actionable steps. Our beginning to end process is comprehensive and holistic.

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We use these assets to help leaders identify their UNIQUE NEEDS (known and undiscovered), and then collaborate to architect the right solutions to achieve your BUSINESS OBJECTIVES.

Most teams don't realize that the solution is in their hands. We help you employ a strategic approach to people development, comprised of a TALENT DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM that includes:

Orientation & Onboarding 

Set the stage for success with impactful orientation, acculturation and new employee ramp up.

Job skills training

Success skills to perform the job, delivered using multiple modalities to meet the learner where they are: OJT, ILT, ELT, Microlearning, Leader-led, Mobile, Self-paced, Flipped and Crowdsourced.

Career progression

Developing individuals for advancement and greater contribution, as well as filling the corporate succession funnel. 

Inclusion and engagement 

Align training and organizational initiatives to company vision, goals and culture. 

Workplace skills development

The skills needed for successful habits and interactions in the workplace: Sales, Service, Communication, Problem-solving, Industry/Technical and Personal Effectiveness behaviors. 

Continuous learning

Providing opportunities for keeping job and professional skills up to date, as well as continuing education requirements for key job classifications.

Servant leadership 

Management and leadership programs to ensure that people leaders build commitment, buy-in and satisfaction among individual contributors and teams.

Sustained progress

Keeping training and development programs alive through leader-led Master Training and Train-the-Trainer programs. 

Multi-Unit Healthcare

Off the Comma has extensive background working with multi-unit healthcare businesses. We understand the challenges of working in these unique models that combine clinical practice and product/service sales within a retail setting. Off the Comma is ideally suited to provide training and talent development support for healthcare businesses with multiple locations, such as:

- Chiropractic 

- Dental  

- Dermatology

- Hearing

- Physical Therapy

- Podiatry

- Veterinary  

- Vision

- Weight Loss

- and others

image of people holding up blocks spelling the word healthcare

We recognize the needs for these businesses to provide exceptional patient care and experience, with efficient operations and customer focus. Off the Comma can help create training and development programs that support the breadth and depth of your business and staff needs. 

  • Onboarding & Orientation

  • Patient/Customer Experience

  • Operational Processes

  • Selling Skills

  • Product Knowledge

  • Clinical/Technical Skills

  • Industry Knowledge

  • Apprenticeship/Licensing Prep

  • Continuing Education

  • Managed Care

  • Appointment Scheduling

  • Technology/Systems

  • Office Management

  • Field Management

  • Store Visits

  • Provider & Staff Relations

  • Performance Management

  • And more...

Customer Centric

We help you focus on people. 

What We Do

  • Executive consulting & problem solving

  • Intuitive needs assessment & diagnosis

  • Identify blended learning solutions

  • Create learning strategies & roadmaps

  • Engage stakeholders & leaders

  • Design targeted learning systems & programs

  • Build communication streams

  • Enhance organization culture

What You Get

  • Initiative-specific training programs

  • Comprehensive learning ecosystems

  • Center of excellence

  • Organizational knowledge

  • Consistency & standardization

  • Scalable & sustainable content

  • Flexible execution approaches

How You Benefit

  • Drive a customer-focused and employee empowered culture

  • Build employee engagement & satisfaction

  • Create customer experience & retention

  • Generate sales growth

  • Engage the organization

  • Align the team:​

    • Customer-facing employees 

    • People leaders

    • Operational support

    • Executive leadership

    • Critical third parties

We get you clear on your plan, organized and ready to execute.

You get focused and actionable programs to develop your people.

Your needs drive the process and solutions.

Our Clients

Off the Comma has worked with companies and business leaders in a variety of industries, to help improve their business through Talent Development. Our business portfolio consists of numerous clients and projects. 

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