Sitting on a Comma™

You're stuck, I get it. I've been there too.


Feeling like you’re stuck in some part of your life is common. I call this “sitting on a comma™". In writing, a comma pauses the story, allowing the reader to take a break between connected thoughts, before continuing on. 


In life, a comma does the same thing. The commas in our lives create pauses, transitions and breaks from our own ongoing narrative. 


Sometimes, we choose to sit on a comma, in order to rest and take stock of life’s journey. This choice can be a powerful and profound experience. 

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As a coach, my objective is to help you explore your journey, get yourself off the comma™ and create space for you to bring your vision to life. 

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We often find ourselves sitting on a comma™ when we didn’t choose to be. Life’s circumstances force us into places we didn’t intend or plan. When this happens, it can leave us feeling stuck, in a rut, out of control and unable to decide where to go next. 


Life's commas can be big or small. They can be brief or long. Commas can create many emotions, conflicts, challenges and stresses. Commas can be challenging, but they aren't the end of your story.


Sitting on a comma™ can present limitless opportunities for going in new directions, experiencing gratitude for present circumstances, and creating windows for reflection and introspection. These periods can also be powerful windows for letting life flow at its own pace and allowing answers to come at their own speed. When you're ready, taking actions to create momentum, creation and results will lead you on your way to getting off the comma. 

We all sit on commas at points in our lives. Getting off the comma™ can be the fun part. It's your journey!