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 About Paul Briley


You’re stuck! 

I get it! I’ve been there too. 


I call it “sitting on a comma™.”


Something in your life is on pause and you’re not sure how to get moving again. You’re having difficulty unlocking the answers on your own. 


I can help you get unstuck from whatever is holding you back in your career, relationships, personal goals or new endeavors!


Let’s talk about how dedicated one-on-one time with me can challenge your thinking. I can help you find the clarity to get yourself off the comma™ to create motion, vision and results in your life.


If you or someone you know is sitting on a comma™, contact me today. 


It’s your journey and I know it can be amazing! 

Bring your vision to life!

I leverage my 25+ years of experience in learning, leadership, consulting and coaching to help your vision come to life. My career was built on consultative thought leadership focused on creating impact on people, culture and results.


Throughout my career, I have coached peers and customers through a variety of styles and models. Coaching was part of a suite of skills and capabilities that I used to help companies, teams and individuals create the outcomes they wanted to achieve.


When the pandemic and racial reckonings happened in 2020, I found myself sitting on a comma™ again (along with the rest of the world). My horizons expanded and my values shifted. By 2021, I realized that getting myself off the comma meant helping others do the same. Off the Comma™ was born.


I build relationships based on a sense of purpose, action-orientation and having fun in the process. It’s all about helping you through your journey, while challenging you to tap into the wisdom you carry inside. 

Learn more about my background on LinkedIn. For talent development solutions, visit me at BrileySolutions.

For all my websites and social media, click on the icon below my picture.

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